Witch Hunters are the rangers that fight for the cause of good. They can wield bows with grace and can slay any enemy with drastic power.

A Witch Hunter can gain power:

  • By Killing Creatures
  • By Killing Players

You can become a Witch Hunter by invitation from another Witch Hunter at the Hall near Spawn, or by killing both a Werewolf, a Ghoul and a Vampire.

Affiliation: Otum


By Left Clicking with a bow, you can cycle between the different arrow types, at a cost of power for each:

  • Grapple: 1000 power
    • Will pull you across to where your arrow lays
  • Fire Arrow: 100 power
    • Will cause anything you hit to burn in flames
  • Triple Shot: 100 power
    • Will fire three arrows for every one you fire
  • Power Shot: 200 power
    • Will fire a devestatingly powerful arrow that will require you to cooldown after a shot(bugged the damage is not increased but in sometimes even decreased)
  • A Witch hunter can also kill anyone in the killlist (/sn killlist) for an instant 8000 power
  • Fall Damage Reduction


  • None :o