A Knight and a Werewolf do battle

Werewolves are the beats of the night. Relentless and powerful, they would tear the skin from the bones of any who oppose them.

A Werewolf can gain power:

  • By Killing Creatures
  • By Killing Players
  • By Eating Raw Meat

You can become a Werewolf by contracting the disease from players or wolves at night

Affiliation: Vehlok


A Werewolf has the following pros at night:

  • Increased Damage Output
  • Reduced Falling Damage
  • Truce with Wolves
  • Can Dash with a feather at the cost of 400 power
  • Can Summon a Wolf with Raw Pork at the cost of 2000 power


A Werewolf has the following cons at night:

  • Cannot use Armour above Leather
  • Cannot use Weapons at Night


Werewolves are an Evil Supernatural Class. Being one is outlawed in both Empire and Hammerfist towns, aswell as any other dignified civilised town.

Any werewolf caught outside during the night will be discovered by guards and jailed until cured.

Werewolves gain their power from the god Vehlok