A Vampire Skulking in the Shadows

Vampires are the ancient stalkers of night, the fiend in the shadows.

A Vampire can gain power:

  • By Killing Creatures
  • By Killing Players
  • Slowly Over Time

You can become a vampire by contracting the disease or by offering homage at a Vampire Shrine constructed from a Gold Block

Affiliation: Vehlok


Vampires have the following pros:

  • Can breath in water, at the cost of power
  • Can restore lost health, at the cost of power
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Has a monster truce until broken by the vampire
  • Increased attack damage


Vampires have the following cons:

  • Will Burn in Sunlight, unless wearing a Pumpkin over the head
  • Will Take more Damage from Wooden Items
  • Can't Eat Food


Vampires are an Evil Supernatural Class. Being one is outlawed in both Empire and Hammerfist towns, aswell as any other dignified civilised town.

Being seen on fire during the day, or wearing the obvious sign of a vampire, a pumpkin, will result in being locked in jail until cured.

Vampires gain their power from the god Vehlok.