Towny is a plugin which allows players to create towns. Towns protect areas and are great for an RP-server like ours. 

Basic PricesEdit

Running a town costs gold! Here are some of the pricings you may want to remember:

  • Town creation will cost 100g
  • Town upkeep will cost 4g each chunk your town owns each day. So if you own 18 chunks you pay 90g each day.
  • Town spawning will cost 200g
  • New Outposts will cost 1200g

Daily upkeep and taxes will be taken once every real world day at 12pm gmt.


In Altum we have a law system, enforced by the nations but can be included by the neutrals. Here is a suggestion of crime punishments:

  • Killing Nation Allies or Town Members:
    • 15 minute jail time
    • 150g fine
    • Death
  • Treason (letting enemies to areas, letting prisoners escape or giving away vital information etc.)
    • 30 minute jail time and a vote on death
    • 300g fine
  • Stealing:
    • 15 minute jail time (and return stolen goods)
    • 150g fine (and return stolen goods)
  • Griefing:
    • 25 minute jail time
    • 250g fine
  • Being Discovered as a Werewolf, Vampire or Ghoul:
    • Jail until cured
  • Being an Enemy within Nation Territory:
    • Jail until Rescued
    • 500g fine
  • Drug Possession:
    • 5 minute jail time
    • 50g fine
  • Drug Selling:
    • 20 minute jail time
    • 200g fine
  • Drug Farming:
    • 50 minute jail time
    • 500g fine

Town UpgradesEdit

Your town can recieve multiple upgrades for your own convenience. Simply ask an admin for any of the following:

Feature: Bank
Cost: Free as long as you have a resonable bank building and at least 5 members in your town

Feature: Boat Connection
Cost: Free if you have a decent dock, a lighthouse and boat (no derpiness, please). Your dock needs to be near a large body of water (complete connection to another dock isn't neccessary). You can link to three other docks (no more).

Feature: Dragon Connection
Cost: 2500G and an area for the dragon to fly in and out of, aswell as some space around the sign's area. A town must choose between a dragon and a boat

Feature: Jail

Cost: Free if you have the correct building. A jail must be:

  • Escapable via Ender Pearl
  • Escapable via levers on doors
  • Escapable via lockpicking

These rules are to stop abuse and to increase the RP potential for criminals

You can choose any connection you like, under the correct circumstances. You can also build a road to spawn, but there will be no admin assistance. Roads are a good way to get to and from towns, they can save a lot of money.

You can't link to an enemy town. You can delete old transportation links.

How to Run a TownEdit

To run a town, you should first gather a group of people willing to setup with you. You can't run a town on your own. You WILL require the following to run a reasonable town:

Gatherer: To mine gold and run farms
Merchant: To convert the gold and make food
Blacksmith: To forge armour and weapons for guards
Guards (any combat class): To defend your town from pvpers and mobs.
A lot of cash: To pay for your town and employees

Please remember, when constructing your town, that this is an rp server and aesthetics>practicality

You will also want a fast method of getting to your town. Purchasing an upgrade or building a road (it's great to hire a gatherer to build it for you) are the best ways of doing this. Purchasing upgrades aswell as building a road can make the whole experience much simpler for travellers.

Any town that doesn't incorporate tax will likely fall, as they always do. The only towns to ever last a long amount of time have been the towns that have a tax rate to pay for their towns. Taxes will pay for everything the town needs. You can hire builders, guards, gatherers and anything you like.

A higher tax rate generally makes for a better quality of living, as your mayor will be able to afford high quality living standards.

A reasonable tax rate often employed by mayors is 50 Gold/day. This will give you enough to pay for your towns upkeep aswell as any expenses, including your guards, any war participation and extra money in the pocket of you greedy politicians. Residents can easily keep up with a 50 Gold/day tax rate by voting for the server daily at Minestatus. Or just by working, 50 Gold isn't hard to obtain.

Some towns will employ a trusted tax man to collect gold from residents and kick accordingly manually. This allows residents some leeway with late tax payments and is a great method for towns that are just starting up, as long as you have yourself a trustworthy tax man. Letters (/letter) come in very handy for this job.

Joining a nation early on will be extremely helpful, as nations will often offer protection and aid to joining towns.

At the end of the day, the whole purpose of a town is to make money and be flash. So be sure to balance your sheets. Being a mayor is about being incharge of town finances and keeping the folks happy.


Nations are a collective band of towns that are united for various reasons.

Joining a Nation is usually in the best interests of all parties. While there is often a nation tax, you will often pay for the aid of a Nation. It is the job of your nation to protect you when an enemy attacks, this will significantly help you with any pvp issues. Some Nations may even attack you and your residents if you aren't in their nation and staying neutral can often be bad for your health (It can be better to ally a nation and have them help you, rather than have everyone hate you).

With nations comes the ability to use inter-nation transportation. With the Town Warp Donor Perk, players can teleport to any town that they are in the same nation as (to a point allocated by the town mayor), or to any town in an allied nation. This will significantly improve trade in your town.

Your Nation will have enemies. The smart move is to pinpoint all the towns on the DynMap map and assess what nation surrounds you. If you are in the territory of a Nation, the smart thing to do would be to join them. You don't want to make enemies with your bigger, stronger neighbours.

As a King, your main duty is to make money and war the other towns. You can do this by defeating players in a town until they join you, or offer protection or financial aid in return for their loyalty. You will want to assure that your towns can trade easily with eachother and it may even be a good idea to have each town focus on a seperate area of production (mining towns, logging towns, farming towns etc.).


War and Conquest is handled by a simple capture the flag game with the red and blue wools, each of which are destructable by anyone in any town.

Precise rules can be changed if the mayors are mutual, but the base ruleset for an invasion is:

  1. Two mayors decide on the rules of the game and a date, then go for it. Both mayors must agree on a date, refusing to give a date within a week is a sign of surrender.
  2. Each side is given an hour peace time to prepare before the fight. Hostilities can continue until this time. Feel free to use this time to stop the enemies supply lines or to boost your own supplies.
  1. Both teams have a flag, each placed at their desired location (inside a castle, in a tent in your siege camp, whatever) and each must defend from the opposing team.
  2. The game ends when a flag is returned to the opposing flag's location. Attacking team must do this once to win, Defenders (since the primary role is defense) must do this twice. Attacking team can replace their red flag once it has been captured once.

Usually the reward is claiming the town in question for your nation, but a treaty can be signed including this and/or more upon defeat. All is up to the victor. Defeating an attacking force gives you no right to claim a reward (of course you can bribe with prisoners), but defeating a defending town does.


As you may be aware, this is a Roleplaying Server. We have a roleplaying guideline available for towns that anyone can take part in. Each town can classify itself as one of three different RP groups;

RP0: No Roleplay Value in the town
RP1: Light Roleplaying. Each member of your town will have one specific job. You can't have your blacksmiths lumbering or your innkeeper mining. Keep your members in line and assure everyone does their jobs. Shops need doors that open in sunlight and closes at night.
RP2: Heavy Roleplaying. You will be subject as the same rules as RP1, but you will need to speak in character when in your town. (you will need to actually actively roleplay here, make sure you know how) Towns will have a method of talking out of character.

Using an [RP0] kinda tag at the start of your post title in the forums would be appreciated to tell apart different rp levels.

You will get no admin support in running any kind of RP town, the job to make sure this is working goes to the mayor.