Here at Altum, we make use of mcMMO for our skill system. Not all of our system is the same as the default mcMMO system, this page will be enough information for you to understand your skills.

Check the classes guide to see what classes have what skills

Big thanks to the mcMMO wiki for a lot of this info, though this page has varying numbers for our own system.


Acrobatics gains you the ability to fall without taking damage via rolling. This chance will slowly increase over time by training your body to withstand the falls.

Acrobatics can be trained to 1000



Dodge provides a chance to reduce attack damage by half. Chance to dodge increases by 0.025% every level to a maximum of 20% at level 100


The player has a chance to roll whenever he/she would take fall damage. The roll either reduces or completely negates the fall damage. A players chance to roll increases by 0.1% every level to a maximum of 100% at level 1000

Graceful RollEdit

If a player holds shift when they hit the ground they have a chance to graceful roll. A player's graceful roll chance increases by 0.2% every level to a maximum of 100% at level 500


The experience gained from falling is tied directly to damage done by the fall. Each half heart of damage earns 120 XP from a fall with no roll, or 80 XP from a fall where a roll or graceful roll was executed. Damage before the roll/graceful roll damage reduction is used to calculate the XP, gain. If the fall is fatal, no XP is earned.

Because a player has a maximum of 10 hearts of damage, the maximum XP you can earn in a single fall is 2280 (19 * 120), or 1520 from a graceful roll or roll fall (19 * 80).

Currently, a fall with Feather Falling armor equipped will net the same XP as if you didn't have the armor on, but without suffering the full damage. Because of this, you will also earn no XP for a fall that would have killed you if you didn't have this armor equipped.
Another key thing to note is that in vanilla Minecraft, you take 2.5 hearts of fall damage whenever you use Ender Pearls to teleport. This fall damage does apply to Acrobatics XP, and the XP gained is calculated with the above formula, resulting in (5 * 120) = 600 XP.
The highest roll chance possible is 100%, as well as graceful which is also 100%.


The Archery skill allows the player to be more proficient with their bows. They can deal more damage as their levels increase and can perform various extra abilities.

Archery is only effected by ranged damage with a bow.

Archery can be levelled up to 1000.


Arrow RetrievalEdit

Chance to recover arrows from slain enemies. Gains 0.1% per level up to 100% at skill level 1000.


Forces your opponents to look straight up for a short duration, this becomes very annoying in PVP for the affected since it disrupts their attacks. 

Bonus DamageEdit

Your archery damage increase 10% every 50 archery levels, to a maximum of 200% bonus archery damage.

Archery Skill Bonus Damage Archery Skill Bonus Damage
50 10% 550 110%
100 20% 600 120%
150 30% 650 130%
200 40% 700 140%
250 50% 750 150%
300 60% 800 160%
350 70% 850 170%
400 80% 900 180%
450 90% 950 190%
500 100% 1000 200%