Here at Altum, we incorporate some fairly reasonable rules to make the game fair and fun for all.

Different rules will have different levels, each of which will have different punishments:

  1. Player will be thrown into a jail of the moderators choice upon offence. The player will be let out after however long the moderator decides. Since these aren't for severe rules, players will be able to escape.
  2. Player will be initially warned. If offences continue, player will be kicked. If offences continue still, player will recieve a 5 hour ban. If the player continues upon returning, bans lengths will be increased until the ban is permenant.
  3. Player will automatically recieve a day banning. If offences continue, permenant bans will be placed.

General RulesEdit

General rules are what every player is expected to follow at all times. Nothing too complicated.

Rule 1: Be Excellent to Eachother

Whilst pvp and stealing are perfectly reasonable in our server, we don't want the server to turn into a bitch fest. Please don't spam rage caps in global or be outright disprespectful to race or gender.
This also includes spam and advertising.
Rule level: 2

Rule 2: Respect Moderators and Admins

Moderators and Admins are doing their job. They can't constantly be harrassed in game. If you have a legitimante concern, please direct yourself to our forums to discuss the fault of your ban or the abuse of staff. NEVER in-game.
Rule level: 2

Rule 3: Respect RP2

If you are in a RP2 town, while you aren't required to speak in character or generally do anything heavy if you don't want to, you aren't allowed to disrupt the RP to extreme lengths. Just keep your head down and do your business if you're not into RP
Rule level: 1

Rule 4: No Bug Abuse

We do not tolerate any kind of bug abuse. Do not dupe if you find a dupe bug. Do not increase your skills exponentially if you find a bug to do so. Report any bugs you find to the forums and they will be fixed asap.
Rule level: 3

Rule 5: No Hacking

Players are expected, at all times, to avoid hacking. Players are not allowed to use any third party software or modifications to give themselves an unfair advantage over other players. This includes X-Ray, Speed Hacks, Fly Hacks and anything obviously bad. If, however, your "hack" isn't too harmful to gameplay, there will be no issue. The following hacks have been confirmed to be allowed:
  • Minimap hacks
  • Friend list hacks
Please ask in the forums if you wish for your hack to be in the allowed list. As long as it's reasonable, there will be no issue.
Rule level: 3

Rule 6: No Griefing

Players are not allowed to grief at any time. The rules for griefing blocks and griefing with TnT are the exact same:
Since we are in a PvP/Stealing server, players are allowed to grief blocks to either gain entry to an area or to steal the blocks in question. Players are not allowed to unreasonably damage areas for the trolls alone. I'm sure you can understand what a reasonable grief would be.
There are, however, two rule levels for griefing, they are as such:
  • Players leaving floating trees or raping the landscape for sand/dirt and leaving ugliness in their path: Rule level 1
  • Players destroying towns and large areas for the sole purpose of destroying large areas: rule level 3

Rule 7: Party On Dude!

Have fun while you're here!
Rule level: 4! >:(

Towny RulesEdit

These rules are in place for town mayors and nation kings to follow.

Rule 1: Reasonable spawn locations

Town mayors are expected to have a reasonable spawn location. Enemies are unable to warp to your town. The only people capable of doing so are your town and nation members. If you have lost your town spawn point, use the command "/town set spawn". If your home block is in the wrong place, use "/town set home"
All spawn locations should:
  • Give entry to the town. Outside the gates is acceptable but a pain in the ass
  • Allow players to leave the town
  • Never kill players upon spawning
Rule level: 2

Rule 2: There is more, but my brain has melted, please stand by

Staff RestrictionsEdit

These restrictions should never be broken. Breaking them is considered mod abuse, and you can easily loose your position.

1: Never teleport players.

Exeption: moderation related issues.

2: Never give players illegit items

Exeption: Very few, ask other staff members for advice before acting.

3: Never remove the protection from a chest with items in it.

No exeptions.

More will be added.