Priests are the holy druids that make homage to Makta. They are blessed with her healing magics.

A Priest can gain power:

  • By donating food to the church altar, located at spawn

You can become a Priest by sufficiently donating at the altar located at spawn

Affiliation: Makta


The different abilities of the Priest consist of:

  • Banish: 400 Power
    • Teleports any evil supernatural to spawn with a feather
  • Heal: 1000 Power
    • Heals allies 5 hearts of damage with paper
  • Excorcise: 5000 Power
    • Forcibly cure any evil supernatural with seeds
  • Cure: 500 Power
    • When both the priest and an evil supernatural are wielding a piece of flint, will cure the player in question
  • Drain: 100 Power
    • Drains 300 power from an evil supernatural with a book
  • Guardian Angel: 2500 Power
    • Upon death of the player you punch with wool, they will ignore death and respawn instantly with all their items at full health when their life reaches 0
  • Holy Touch: 0 Power
    • All Unholy Supernaturals that come into contact with your attacks will burn with a holy fire


  • Can't Damage Innocent Animals