The Night Blade utilises the shadows to his advantage. He can sneak up and land a killing blow. He can use shadow magics to cripple his foes or step through thte shadows themselves.

Can Lockpick


The Night Blade an assassin operating in the shadows. Though weak, he should never be underestimated. The Night Blade can shadowstep behind you, and they can cripple you with a simple touch. Even a Vanguard or a Paladin need to be aware of this class.

As a Night Blade the best income flows of money comes from stealing and making assasinations.


Tips for playing Night Blade:

1. Use shadow step and cripple on your target. The target will be a easy kill. Invisibillity potion can help if you're terrible at sneaking.

2. Never attack groups alone, as this is suicide. You will need more people on your side to do that, as you are extremely weak. Try to limit your killing to lone payers, possibly two non-pvp classes.

Tips for playing against one:

1. Be on guard. They can easily take out a person who are not ready for a attack.

2. If you see a Night Blade, try to get away as soon as you can, unless its a friendly one.

3. Try to avoid going into a closed town with a Night Blade nearby.

4. If you see an enemy Night Blade, go after him. If you run, you're dead. He's just as much a hunter as an assassin.

Available SpellsEdit

  • mark 
  • gate
  • recall 
  • shadowstep
  • stonevision
  • stealth
  • cripple

Available ArmourEdit

  • Leather
  • Gold
  • Chainmail

Available WeaponsEdit

  • Swords
    • Wooden
    • Stone
    • Gold
    • Iron
    • Diamond
  • Wand

Available SkillsEdit

  • Swords
  • Axes
  • Unarmed