(left) Empire Flag (right) Hammerfist Flag

The nations of Altum consist of The Empire and Hammerfist. They're lead by bloodline lineage. Hammerfist and Empire weren't always nemesis, however. They were once one and the same.

2A 512Edit

On the Second age, year 512, Otum came unto Altum and imparted his knowledge of Wisdom, Law and Order. This resulted in the unity of the world and the ruling of a nation by one man. This man was given a special gift by Otum to allow his bloodline lineage to be blessed in the arts of unity to allow for a long standing Nation upholding the peace.

For many centuries and generations of Emporer, the Age of Enlightenment showed through all civilisation and for a time the world was a haven.

The fight through the Third Age solidified the bond between the people of Altum.

4A 012Edit

With the spirits of the Light and Shadow realms fused into one society, lust and power and greed became prevelant in even the Emporer bloodline.

As the last Emporer of the Third Age, Greyn Hammerfist, came to death, his two sons both laid claim to the throne, thus 100 Year War was triggered. This civil war would cost the lives of thousands as the two heirs to the throne fought relentlessly over the crown.

4A 112Edit

Rather than continue with the merciless civil war, both formed their own nations that they would have total control over. One son decided that the nation should be a symbol of Law, Wisdom and Order and naming the nation would result in elitism and corruption and just let people refer to his nation as "The Empire". The other son decided that the nation should publicly be lead under the family of the ancestors and decided to refer to his nation as "Hammerfist".

This settlement, however, would never last. For many years, a fierce tension throughout Altum would seem eternal.

4A ~150Edit

No one knows the exact date of this event, or who shed first blood, but the short lived peace that was doomed from the start came to an end and the war resumed. Many times was Hammerfist weakened. Many times was The Empire weakened. War raged, settlements were claimed, abandoned and raized.

5A 448 (today)Edit

The world is currently in the middle of a large scale war between the two nations. None expect peace any time soon and none seem to even want it.

No one even seems to recall why they're fighting, but rather know that they must.