Example of an extremely well priced shop.

Merchants are the money making elitists of Altum.

If you've come here in hopes of becoming rich, this is the class for you.


A Merchants main concern is upkeeping his shops. You can create a chest shop by creating a sign above a chest. The sign should be as such:

[Item Name or ID]

Buy x for xG

Sell x for xG

The last line of the sign will automatically fill itself with your username.

The second line of the shop determines how much people will buy from your shop from. This should always be the higher number.

The third line of the shop determines how much people will sell to you. While it is possible to merely use "Sell 0", this isn't suggested, since as long as people are buying from you to put the money in your shop in the first place, you will only be making money if people are selling cheaply to your shop.

Gold Nuggets kept in your shop will allow players to sell to your shop. Nuggets will automatically appear in the chest after a sale. Watch out for thieves!

Available ArmourEdit

  • Leather
  • Gold

Available WeaponsEdit

  • Swords
    • Wooden
    • Stone
    • Gold
  • Axes
    • Wooden
    • Stone
    • Gold

Available SpellsEdit

  • mark
  • gate
  • recall

Available MiscEdit

  • Can convert Gold Ingots to Nuggets
  • Can Convert Melon Blocks to Slices
  • Can Create Bread
  • Can use a Furnace