Altum has a variety of Lore based background to allow y'all to immerse and feel like you're in a world. I post most lore articles here, but there will always be articles of lore found only in-game.

Lore PagesEdit


For the sake of keeping lore fun for everyone, there are a few rules to keep everything flowing well. These aren't things you'll need to bother about unless you want to involve yourself around lore:

  1. Races are kept to the discretion of the player playing his race. There is no official lore on what races exist in the world.
  2. If you're roleplaying, you know nothing about Zeymah, unless you have a book with a scrap of information. Lore here is to let you know how things are. Zeymah is meant to be an unknown mysterious god, anything read here shouldn't be taken in-game. (Zeymah wouldn't be as awesome if he was a public god)
  3. You can't make up lore as you please. If you want to suggest lore, go to the forums, but don't expect to have just anything accepted, I need to please everyone and keep lore to a way that I can add to it without disturbing what already exists.
  4. History (in-game events) != Lore (out of game events). History is specific to what the players remember. Adding all of the history to official lore would be a pain in the ass and result in walls upon walls of text