The holy symbol of Makta

The gods of Otum are a powerful bunch. They created the universe and all we know. They are the lifeforce of our world, they have shaped it in many ways, some good, some bad.


Makta is the Mother of Life. It was Makta who breathed life into the emptiness of the eternal abyss. Makta is worshipped by the druids of Altum.

Makta is mother to the Gods.

Priests are affiliated with Makta.

Holy Symbol of Otum


The unholy symbol of Vehlok


Otum is the god of Wisdom, Dexterity and Law. Otum gifted upon mortals the light of wisdom, and later law. He is the diety worshipped by the civilised world.

Witch Hunters are affiliated with Otum.


Vehlok is the god of Anarchy, Lust and Passion. Vehlok creates the fire in our hearts and is the cause of many of the plagues of the world.

Vampires and Werewolves are affiliated with Vehlok.

Story of CreationEdit

Age of BlissEdit

In the begining there was Makta. Alone in the eternal abyss. Life, Matter, Time, everything you know and understand in the universe were non-existant.

Makta decided to breath life into the cosmos and in one instant, Altum was born. In one breath, she created the foundations of the world. The dirt beneath our feet, the stone in our mountains. In the next breath she filled that land with water. In the next breath she created the trees and flowers and grass of the world. In the next breath she created animals to populate the planet to encompany her upon her awakening.

Makta then rested. For many millenia.

Age of EnlightenmentEdit

Of the creatures granted life by Makta, were her children. Two brothers awoke in a world. No comprehension of life or exsistance. One performed his task of overseeing the Shadow Realm, the other watched over the Light Realm.

Otum saw the world in all its glory and eventually grew lonely in his intellectual solitude. As he watched the animals, he grew fond of certain species and granted them a part of his wisdom so they may become more interesting for him.

He watched these animals invent, construct and grow. He saw the simple animals he once knew turn into powerful beings on the planet. It was then that he saw the undesirable nature of mortals. They bickered, they warred, they killed. He decided to step in. He descended upon the mortals and gave them the ideals of law and order. He taught them to treat eachother well and respect the world. Scholars speak of a time of great wisdom and peace during this time.

Dark AgeEdit

This peace, however, would soon be abruptly ended with the rising of shadow. The Shadow Lord grew tired of his realm. He and his own mortals, shadowy projections of the darkness cast away from the mortals of the Light Realm, longed for the warmth of light and the bliss of nature.

It was then that the God Wars began. Otum preached that the Shadow Beings had no right to be in the Light Realm and their mere existance meant the instability of the universe. The Shadow Lord wanted to exist above. Both gods forged loyalist armies to destroy eachother. They warred for centuries.

The Shadow Lord had created Lycanthropy. It was created to cause distress from within the towns of the Light Beings. People would ravage their friends and family by night and have no recollection of the event by day.

He then created Vampirism, which would instantly claim the minds of anyone in contact with the bloodline. Creating these diseases weakened the Shadow Lord, but Otum still couldn't get past the Shadow armies to slay him.

As Otum saw that his army was slowly succumbing to the diseases of Shadow and his priests were unable to combat at a fast enough rate, he decided to resort to espionage, taking the opportunity of his weakened foe. He relentlessly assaulted a stronghold of the Shadow Beings in Duskpeak, where he claimed the soul of the Shadow General, Vehlok. He bargained with the General, knowing he could get personally close to the Shadow Lord, that he would lend his power, in the form of the legendary sword, Dawnbreaker, if he would slay the Shadow Lord and send his armies back to the Shadow Realm.

Vehlok agreed and met with the Lord. As The Shadow Lord greeted Vehlok, he launched Dawnbreaker directly through his heart. The Shadow Lord, seeing what power has been weilded, understanding his fate, became enraged and began to mercilessly pound the face of his one loyal general. As The Shadow Lord died and disappeared back into the Shadow Realm, Otum appeared. He noticed the Shadow Beings were still in the realm. He glanced at the General, beaten within an inch of his life. As his last act as a mortal, he absorbed the power of the lord he once served and killed. As Otum prepared to destroy the double traitor, an unexpected thing happened. With a giant clap, Vehlok fused all of the mortals of both realms.

Otum destroyed Vehlok "once and for all".

The Shadow Realm and the Light Realm, all were one. All beings from either world were now one and the same. Most people had their evils back, though many learned to control it. They say that many Shadow Beings were in another realm at the time and never fused. With their Diety destroyed, they reverted to monsters that carried the virus of the ghoul, doomed to wander their hellish world forever. This, of course, left many enlightened souls within Altum, who had no evils. They call themselves Monks.

Age of WarEdit

Years passed and Otum reigned supreme. One night, however, every single werewolf and vampire in Altum gathered, instinctually, to a small obscure cave in the mountains. There they found a series of wizards, remenants of a past age. In an attempt to resurrect the savoir of their anscestors, Vehlok was instead pulled from the void in which he was banished to. With the power of Shadow in his grasp, he saw what the world had become. He wasn't limited to his now loyal Werewolves and Vampires. He could tap into the darkness in the hearts of every mortal of the Altum. He created a cult and grew stronger by each day.

The God Wars never ended.

A war spanning centuries began. Vehlok did his best to spread war and anarchy. Suddenly, Makta awoke. She saw what had happened to the world. She banished both Otum and Vehlok from Altum. Initially, they tried to defeat her. But their powers, even combined, were no match for her. To this day, Makta stops the gods from directly interfering with mortals. Of course, she can't keep tabs on every prophet in the world...

Age of EternityEdit

The gods are banished, the world is dominated by mortals. It is time to write your own story.

(No official lore is in this Age. Lore is to be how it's remembered in-game)