Ghouls are the eternal undead, sacrificing their souls for power, they live a cursed half life with no will of their own, doomed to wander the nether for all eternity. Some Ghouls, however, seem to have broken the unholy bond tieing them to their eternal torture and can make their own painful way through the world.

A Ghoul can gain power:

  • By Killing Creatures
  • By Killing Players

You can become a Ghoul by being slain by Pigmen

Affiliation: ....


  • Health Regeneration
  • Increased Attack Damage
  • Increased Damage Resistance
  • Fall Damage Immunity
  • Truce with Undead Monsters
  • Immune to Diamond Weaponry
  • Can summon a Zombie with raw pork for 1000 power
  • Can cause half of all all damage dealt to the ghoul to be recieved by the attacker via unholy bond by using bones at the cost of 50 power.


  • Recieves damage from Water
  • Can't use Weapons