In this page you can find all common questions asked by people with the answers.

If you can not find your answer here you can either go and ask a mod directly or go to the forums and ask it there

Q. Why can’t I [mine, craft, cook, etc.]

Altum uses a classes system to enforce people to roleplay. If you can’t do something then there will probably be a class that can. For example gatherers can mine all ore’s but they can’t smelt it.

Only merchants and blacksmiths can use furnaces and thus smelt ores or cook food.

Ask a player that is online or look at the classes on the wiki for more information(

Q. Why can’t I build or mine in the wild?Edit

Our server has wilderness protection on meaning that you can not build or destroy the land that is not claimed by towns. Due to this we have an infinite map since towns that have fallen will slowly decay and return to their natural state. If you want to mine or build it is advised you join or build a town.

Q. I am new here what can I do?Edit

If you are new it is advised to join a town with older players in it who can help you.
To do this it is best to just ask in global if somebody has a town you can join.

Most times there will be someone online who can show you his town and possibly invite you.

Alternatively you can also use your starting money to make a new town.(see the towny page for more information:

Q. Why do I get the message “Nobody hears you…”Edit

A. if you get this message it means that you are talking in a local chat and nobody is nearby to hear you. Local chat means that if you say something only the people who are close to you can hear you.

If you want to talk in the global chat which means everyone can hear you just start typing with the command /g [text here]

Q. Why does [X] happen it does not happen in vanilla minecraft.Edit

A. You probably are talking about a hard mode addition.

On altum we have a plugin called extra hard mode which makes minecraft harder.

Here is a short list of the most notable changes:

-Blocks like dirt and cobblestone have gravity and fall down

-More mobs spawn

-pickaxes break faster when mining stone

-mining an ore makes the stone next to it cobblestone

-mobs are harder and have special ability’s

-blazes spawn in the overworld while underground

-torches can’t be placed underground due to a lack of air

-the nether is way harder(be prepared when going there)

-you can not swim properly if you are to heavy

Q. I am bored what can I do?Edit

A. Altum actually offers a lot to do so this question can’t just be answered.

A few examples here though:
-Use your current class in an efficient way to make money

-Change your class and do something with your new class

-Expand your current town

-Build a new town

-Help noobs(please do this)

-Roleplay with others

-Start a war

-Find others and team up to loot bandit camps and dungeons

Q. What is the best way to navigate?Edit

A. To navigate most people use our live map. You can find the live map by going to and then clicking on the ‘map’ button

Q. How do I create a town?Edit

Q. What are supernaturals?Edit

Q. What are the gods?Edit

Q. What is the lore on this worldEdit

A. Look around at the wiki there are many useful pages answering the questions above