This server utilises different commands for different outcomes. They are useful to gameplay and you would be wise to remember them (or to look here when you forget)

General CommandsEdit

Nothing to specific, most of these commands will have no actual impact on gameplay.

  • /lag - check the tps of the server. If it's at 20tps, there is no lag server end.
  • /list - show everyone who is online and how many total players there are
  • /time - check the time

Chat CommandsEdit

These commands will allow you to converse with the rest of altum. Some features are unavailable to noobs to combat spam.

  • /g <message> - send a message via global chat
  • /msg <name> [message] - send a pm or lock onto a player so all messages are pms
  • /ch l - lock into local chat if you've lost your focus
  • /r [message] - quickly reply via message to the last person to pm you

Spell CommandsEdit

These are commands for spells, they will come in highly useful to players:

for more information on class sopecific spells, see their associated pages

/c can be replaced as an alias for /cast

  • /cast list - show all of the spells you know
  • /cast mark - mark the location you're standing at for later recall
  • /cast recall - teleport to your marked area
  • /cast gate - teleport to spawn
  • /cast help <spell> - gives you more detailed information on a spell, including effect and cast cost

Lock CommandsEdit

these commands will give you the ability to lock any wooden door or chest. A Thief can pick these locks. Chests are automatically locked on placement.

  • /lwc - main help page for the locking plugin
  • /cprivate - basic protection that only you can use
  • /cmodify <player> - add a player to the protection
  • /cpassword <password> - add a passworded lock to a chest
  • /cunlock <password> - unlock a password locked chest
  • /cremove - removes the protection on a locked item.

Towny CommandsEdit

these commands will give you access to any of the important features of towny

  • /town ? - town specific help menu
  • /towny ? - towny general help menu
  • /nation ? - nation specific help menu
  • /resident ? - resident specific help menu
  • /town new <name> - create a new town (this will cost you 500G from your bank) (using a "_" will allow spaces in your town name)
  • /town set name <new name> - rename your town (free)
  • /town add <name> - add a member to your town
  • /town kick <name> - kick a member from your town
  • /town claim - claim a plot of land (25G per claim)
  • /town set board <message> - set your town welcome message to give players important info each time they log in. Tax reminders are useful here.
  • /town deposit ### - deposit cash from your bank into the town coffers
  • /town withdraw ### - withdraw cash from the town coffers into your bank
  • /town set taxes ### - set your tax level. This cash will be withdrawed from the banks of every resident in your town once at 12pm GMT every real time day. Those who don't pay will be kicked.
  • /town set spawn - set your spawn point. This is used for those who have purchased the donor teleportation perk. Any member of the nation you're in (or town if you're not in a nation) will be able to teleport to your town with this. THIS DELETES EVERY TIME YOU MOVE YOUR HOME BLOCK - so please remember to refresh it, it causes quite the annoyance for me.
  • /town set homeblock - sets the current cell you'r ein as your towns homeblock (used in wars)
  • /resident set mode townclaim - claim land as you walk
  • /resident set mode map - show the towny map as you walk (spammy)
  • /resident set mode townyclaim map - merge the previous commands (great for claiming your town)
  • /resident set mode clear - clear any modes you've set

There are many more commands, but these are the commands generally used in town creation and maintenance. If you require more commands, browsing and following commands from help files with /town ?, /towny ?, /nation ? and /resident ? will generally give you any command required.