How to createEdit

Creating a Chest Shop is a simple process.

Simply place a chest with space above for a sign. Place a sign overhead as such:

[Item Name or ID]

Buy x for xG

Sell x for xG

Example of an extremely well priced shop.

Double chests can be set up together as two seperate chest shops with different signs above each chest.

If you want to setup a chest shop that can buy block items, such as ores or logs, you must make sure that there is at least one free space ahead of the shop sign with no half slabs.

Fighting the theivesEdit

Theives can be a problem sometimes, even if you set a shop up with very good items, (Diamond armor, gear etc.) and they will probely take it and sell it. Though, making theives stay away is also a option.

Minecraft - Altum tutorial - Theif-Proof SHOPS!

Minecraft - Altum tutorial - Theif-Proof SHOPS!